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Free Valoration, Local Experts

In Kiwi Bricks we are piloting the important change that is in the real estate sector. We were born in the real estate sector in 2006, we have seen good times and not so good times. Since 2017 we are part of what is now called "proptech", which is adding technology to the real estate sector. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology we will be able to pay commissions to the sellers (the forgotten ones in this industry and it is offering even better service than what we already offered). In the traditional agencies a lot of time and money is invested helping the buyers, showing them which properties there are for sale, at what price, etc. But the clientes SELLERS which ultimately pay the fees are forgotten. KIWI BRICKS was born to lead this change, this is why we are Innovative Real Estate. Clients Sellers, Welcome!


Free Valoration

Bringing together Big Data technology + Our local experts offers you the best possible valoration to sell your property, free of charge and without obligation. Call us now at 930 185 729 or mail and we will call you.

Innovators not only in words

We use the most advanced technologies to be more efficient, being more efficient we can give more service at a more competitive price. Welcome to the innovative real estate.

Local Experts

Being able to give a good service would not be possible without our local experts and proximity. Data software technologies are advancing very rapidly but they still can not replace our local experts who have successfully commercialized hundreds of properties. Try it now at

Our team

Great professionals with more than 20 years of experience in a real estate sector


Carles Serradell


Aleksandra Marteeva


Josep Gaspar


Lluis Amat

Director Kiwi Bricks Barcelona

Samanta Esteller

Real Estate Agent Barcelona

Pau García

Director Kiwi Bricks Girona

Evgeny Kudryashov

Real Estate Agent L´Escala